Alejandro Bejar

Alejandro Béjar

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Alejandro Bejar

Alejandro Béjar is an entrepreneur and expert in the footwear sector with extensive experience in different areas of this industry. He was born in Elche, a Spanish city known for its long tradition of shoe production, and began his career at a well-known factory at the age of 16.

Over time, Alejandro rose through the ranks and held various positions related to footwear production, from design to manufacturing management and product marketing.

During his time at the factory, Alejandro gained valuable experience in manufacturing techniques and processes, as well as an in-depth understanding of the footwear industry.

After several years in the factory, Alejandro decided to follow his passion and dedicated himself to learning more about the footwear sector. At the age of 25, he graduated as a Shoe Technician and two years later, at 27, he graduated as a Shoe Designer.

At the age of 30, Alejandro decided to take his career a step further and founded his own consulting business for footwear companies, specializing in sustainability and production improvement. His company offered consulting services in different areas, including the analysis of production processes and the identification of opportunities for improvement, as well as the implementation of sustainable practices and the development of marketing strategies.

In parallel to his business activity, Alejandro also began teaching classes as a technical footwear teacher at a design and training school in the footwear sector. His experience and knowledge allowed him to transmit to his students a complete vision of the footwear industry, from conceptualization and design to production and marketing.

Currently, Alejandro continues to run his own company and advise shoe companies to improve their production and sustainability. He also continues to teach technical footwear and shares his experience with a new generation of students and professionals in the sector. His passion and dedication to footwear have allowed him to become a benchmark in the industry and an example for all those who want to dedicate themselves to this sector.

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